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23 year old living in Texas.

Currently enrolled in college (Texas A&M University in Texarkana)

Music Producer // Artist // Song Writer

Although I do not paint and I've lost the little drawing and painting skills that I've ever had I like art. Doesn't really matter what type of art just art. Whether it be from abstract to portraits. Like I've stated before I do music so you'll see me talk about my music or other music sometimes as well. Even though I'm very laid back I can be immature and goofy at times, but who doesn't do that? You can't be serious all the time that is just way too boring and stressful. I hang out with my friends a lot and try not to hang out with too many other people than that, but if you're cool then I really don't see why we couldn't chill sometime. Got something to say to me? Hit up that inbox, nigga.

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